Tire Installation. Tire rotation ,fix flat tires. Tire sales & Wheel alignment. Venta de llantas nuevas LOW PRICES EVERYDAY. we are OPEN Mon to Friday 9 to 5:45pm Sat 9 to 4:pm Sunday9 to 2pm "The lowest usedtires prices in OC" Prices can't be beat 1102 e 2nd st calle Cuatro y Santa Fe hasta donde termina la calle
Tire Installation. Tire rotation ,fix flat tires. Tire sales & Wheel alignment. Venta de llantas nuevas   LOW PRICES EVERYDAY.  we are OPEN Mon to Friday 9 to 5:45pmSat     9 to 4:pmSunday9 to 2pm "The lowest usedtires prices in OC"   Prices can't be beat1102 e 2nd st         calle Cuatro y Santa Fe hasta donde termina la calle                    

PICK YOUR TIRE - We are just behind

HD supply warehouse  4th and Santa fe st 

1102 E. 2ND ST SANTA ANA, CA 92701


tenemos muchas llantas venga 



Https://Used tires

Flat tires - llanta ponchada we fix it for you.

Need wheel alignment? 

Need tire rotation?

open 7 days 

Monday thru Friday 8am to 5:30pm





Welcome to your #1 Tire Service Shop in Orange County

We are a family owned business and understand that many people in today's economy have barely enough to make it, especially trying to buy tires for your vehicle from expensive tire shops. Unlike other tire businesses we are here to help you and your family reduce that stress by providing the best deals for your vehicle. We have had this business open for 10 years now, but many of our employees have worked with tires for more than fifteen years, so there is no lack of expertise here, therefore there should be no worries about us damaging any of your vehicles. 



While it’s with us, your car is always in the hands of qualified mechanics and specialists. Vehicle inspections are performed by specially certified vehicle inspectors according to the requirements of the state department of transport, to ensure your vehicle is safe for highway use.

Range of services

  • New tires- We sell from economy tires to name brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Bfgoodrich, Continental, Bridgestone, Federal Tires and much more 

  • Used tires

  • New and used rims

  • patch tires 

  • repair rims

  • locks for rims

  • balancing tires

  • rotation

  • We now offer wheel Alignment

  • LLantas

  • and much more

  • llantas

  • Flat repairs

  • Tire installation


Lots of inventory

We always strive to have the most common tire sizes in stock so that you dont have to keep on shopping around, wasting gas and adding mileage to your vehicle. We are your one stop tire service shop in Orange County.

Vendemos llantas

Wheel Alignments

We use high qaulity techonlogy to give you the best accurate alignments we can, so that when you leave you know your car is going to be driving straight on the road and not wandering from left to right.

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